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Join the Disc/ussion/ord

Our Discord server is a forum to connect and collaborate with like-minded people in the industry. We welcome open discussion and feedback as we grow.

Additionally, you can subscribe to show your support and gain access to exclusive perks, including voting rights and direct communication channels with our Artists and label leadership. Our profits go toward our Artists, staff, and improving our services.

Power to the People

Generally, an Artists & Repertoire (A&R) division relies on the referral of a sole talent scout. Kadence Records understands that there are many different genres, standards, and cultures in music and acknowledges the need for a complete overhaul of the contemporary A&R system.


This is why, as with many of our processes, we utilize a panel of members with a diverse range in musical taste and background to vote on final talent recruitment and retention determinations. 

Making waves.

Making soundwaves.

Big Music labels use predatory contract negotiation tactics. For example, many major labels typically takes 50-90% of an Artist's revenue. We will never ask for more than 50% and the split will only increase in the Artist's favor once initial production costs are recouped. Furthermore, Artists will always maintain rights to their works.


Our mission is to overcome the Big Music labels that have dominated the market for over a century and to correct the injustices the music industry experiences today.


Kadence Records is an independent, online-based record label formed under Kadence Music Development, LLC.


We are committed to helping emerging Artists reach their full potential. With a focus on collaboration and creative freedom, we offer personalized support and a range of services to help Artists grow their fanbase and achieve success in the industry.

Whether you're a singer, musician, rapper, producer, or songwriter, Kadence Records is dedicated to providing the tools and resources you need to thrive as an Artist. Join our community today and let's make music together.

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